Leptoprin-SD: Overpriced and Untrustworthy

What is Leptoprin-SD?

Sold as a ‘weight control compound’, is a pill that is designed to help users lose weight with the assistance of ingredients including:

* Paulina Cupana: Also known as Guarana, included for it stimulant properties to enhance levels of energy.
* Ilex Paraguarensis: Commonly known as Yerba Mate, included due to its stimulant properties, also to suppress the appetite and boost metabolism.
* Turnera Diffusa: Another name for Damiana and is best known as an aphrodisiac.

Because of these ingredients, users should not feel as hungry , resulting in a lower calorie intake which should lead to a reduction in weight. Stimulants provided in the form of Paulina Cupana help to provide the user energy to enhance the ability to eliminate more calories.

Factors to be aware of:

The first thing to research when choosing a suitable weight loss pill is the risk of side effects. Using this pill may possibly cause:

* Severe head pain
* Extended periods of vomiting
* Inability to sleep
* Irregular heart beat
* Severe Diarrhea

Leptoprin’s other problems include the expense which is priced at well over $100 for a month’s supply. There is absolutely no reason for this enormous cost when ingredients included are often found in other weight loss pills, and these sell a significantly lower price. This may be the reason for Leptoprin’s unusual name choices for included ingredients. It appears that Leptoprin believe that customers will be tricked into believing they are paying a premium amount for exotic sounding ingredients instead of the regular ingredients that are actually included.

Also of concern to customers, is the use of Turnera Diffusa which is primarily used as an aphrodisiac. There is no scientific evidence to verify that Turnera Diffusa helps weight loss, and so it seems inappropriate for an aphrodisiac to be contained in weight loss plan.

There is not any money back guarantee available for users. This may result in dissatisfied consumers not receiving refunded if the pill doesn’t work. Reputable corporations will do their best to ensure customer satisfaction; obviously Leptoprin doesn’t have these concerns.

Leptoprin is also designed for dieters that are 20 pounds overweight . This makes the product not suitable for dieters who wish to lose a couple of excess pounds.

Controversially, the creator, A.G Waterhouse, has marketed an identical weight loss pill, under the name of Leptopril, which includes the same ingredients but is cheaper than Leptoprin. The makers of Leptoprin have also been blamed for fabricating imaginary results of clinical trials and making false claims about Leptoprin without any scientific evidence.

In conclusion, users are advised to not buy this drug when they can buy products, with the same ingredients and that will generate the same results, far cheaper elsewhere . Unwanted effects are also a problem, as is the undesirable reputation of Leptoprin. Dieters are advised to consider other weight loss plans.

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