Review of Lipo-6

Lipo-6 is a fat burner which relies on 6 ingredients to produce results. This weight loss capsule was originally Ephedra based, which is a controversial ingredient because of negative attention from the media. Lipo-6 includes the following other ingredients:

- Caffeine used for its stimulating effect.
- Coleus Forskohlii that assists in regulating thyroid hormone levels and may help with fat burning.
- Citrus Aureantium, intended to enhance the metabolism, although there is a lack of scientific proof to prove this.
- Yohimbine which facilitates muscle building and perhaps the reduction of bodyweight.
- BioPerine helps the body’s ability to absorb aminos, nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

There is currently an Ephedra free version of Lipo-6 available for purchase following a ban on Ephedra. This version of Lipo-6, has replaced Ephedra with Guggulsterones and Carnitrex. Guggulsterones stimulate the thyroid gland and lowers blood fats and cholesterol whilst Carnitrex burns fatty acids.

Side Effects

The version which included Ephedra was known to cause Ephedra associated side effects including:

- Irregular heartbeat
- Blood pressure increase
- Risk of contraindication when administered with other medications or existing medical conditions which include thyroid issues, heart problems or problems.

Even though the Ephedra free product can’t result in these Ephedra type symptoms, there are still other possibly dangerous outcomes due to other ingredients contained in Lipo-6. Symptoms include:

- Agitation
- Migraine
- Changes in personality
- Pain when breathing
- Fainting
- Insomnia
- Worsening Acne


When Lipo-6 altered this pill to be Ephedra free, they not only took away the danger of Ephedra related side effects, but also took away the one ingredient included in their formulation that has actually shown good weight loss results in trials. Due to this, the results gained from using Lipo-6 are more likely to be less dramatic.

In addition, the potential for side effects is still there due to the some of the other ingredents included in the product and customers should be prepared for these side effects which may alter their mental state and ability to carry out everyday tasks. Skin problems such as Acne can also develop and could have a direct effect on user’s confidence which will definately take the focus from any weight reduction benefits that they recieve.

In conclusion, without the Ephedra, customers are left with a diet pill that still produces side effects yet is just not as good. Customers are likely to be dissatisfied with Lipo-6 as they are spending money to get results that simply will not be of the standard they expect.

Potential users are advised to consider other ways to slim down to minimize the risk of side effects. A calorie controlled diet and regular exercise are always advised.

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