Why Is It Difficult To Stick To A Diet?

We all dream of losing weight fast. Of being able to slim down for a vacation, wedding or party in a matter of months. However, such an outlook can often cause your dieting regime to fail before it has had a chance to work…

Why do weight loss plans fail?

There are lots of reasons why your weight loss plan may fail, but the main ones consist of:

Limited Dietary Plans

Fad diets (otherwise known as ‘crash diets’) are notorious for removing whole food groups in an attempt to help you excess lbs. However, such diets are difficult to maintain for months on end. Not only are they unhealthy, but they are hard to enjoy. After all, could you enjoy eating just cabbage or proteins, day after day for weeks on end? No.


We have all got specific meals which we can’t abstain from. Chocolate bars… crisps… biscuits…pizza… Now whilst allowing yourself the odd chocolate bar is not a crime. Turn this weekly indulgence into 1 a day and you will soon notice that you have caved to additional cravings as well which will trigger weight gain, not fat loss.

Cutting Out Meals

It may appear to make sense when you are shifting excess lbs to skip a meal as you are essentially ingesting less calories; however without a consistent ingestion of calories into your system, your metabolism will slowly begin to slow down as it believes you are starving.

And this can make slimming down incredibly hard work as your metabolism will be too slow to handle calorie burn.

What should I do?

If any of these sounds like you, don’t let this dishearten your wish to lose weight. To benefit from natural, lasting fat loss all you need to do is modify your mind-set and recognise that your fat loss goals will not be fast.

A steady weight loss of 1-2lbs a week is suggested by many leading dieticians as these are easier to maintain. But what else should you do?

• Eat a healthy diet – you don’t have to remove your favourite snacks completely to benefit from successful weight loss. The trick is to eat a healthy diet of all the big nutrition groups and reduce the amount of fatty foods you consume.

Now we are not suggesting that you go cold turkey from your favourite snacks altogether – all this will cause is temptation. However, by steadily reducing how regularly you have them, week by week, you can naturally remove them from your meal plans and prevent cravings.

• Workout often – eating well and working out consistently go together when it comes to weight loss. By incorporating a fitness system of cardio and strength training 3 times a week for up to 30 minutes, you can boost your metabolism and ultimately your calorie burn.

• Create small targets – instead of focusing on a complete fat loss of over 20lbs, give yourself small weekly targets of 2lbs and try to attain just those. This helps to alleviate the pressure to lose excess lbs and in no time at all you will discover that you are close to your long term target.

• Try a herbal supplement – if you are finding it difficult to shift those excess lbs and reignite your diet, the support of a proven proactol weight loss tablet can help. Medically tested and proven through 6 clinical studies to eliminate up to 28 percent of fat molecules, reduce hunger, lower LDL cholesterol and double energy levels, Proactol can support you to overcome your hunger cravings and naturally cut your appetite to make fat loss easy, safe and natural.

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